District 1

Old Hotel was built in 1824 by Nathan Huntley on the site later to be the Duxbury Town Hall and Graded School  in Duxbury Corner.  It originally operated as a stage coach stop, hotel and pub.  The painting thought to be done by Christopher Corse is the only known image of the building and is in the possession of the Duxbury Historical Society (2019-11)

Duxbury Corner School 1894 - The newly constructed school built shortly after the Nathan Huntley Hotel burned.  It was used as a school until 1916 when it also burned.— see articles below (2019-16)

Duxbury Corner School as rebuilt shortly after 1916 fire. (2019-16)

The Foster covered bridge- It connected Duxbury and Waterbury the south end of Waterbury.  This bridge was replaced with a steel bridge in 1926 and washed out in the 1927 flood.   Crossett Brook enters the Winooski to the left of the bridge just out of the picture.  (2019-8)

The Moody farm suffered the effects of the flood of 1927.  The house was just off River Road near the current site of the Duxbury Community Garden. (2019-12)

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