Mission Statement

    The Duxbury Historical Society’s mission is to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge about the history of Duxbury.

   The Duxbury Historical Society is dedicated to community enrichment by collecting, preserving , conserving, interpreting and exhibiting materials relating to the town’s history.

   A primary mission of the Society is to preserve and maintain its home site, the Duxbury Meeting House (formerly known as the South Duxbury Church) and adjoining Sunshine Hall, insuring that these buildings continue as integral, active parts of Duxbury’s current and future history.


Meetings occur 4 times yearly :

    February        2/21/2023  7pm  -  Crossett Brook Middle School

    May                 5/20/2023  10am  -  South Duxbury Church 

    August           8/20/2023  Sunday picnic - noon-   South Duxbury Church

    November     11/21/2023  7pm   -  Crossett Brook Middle School

Fundraisers and Activities

In May we have a flower fundraiser through Claussens greenhouses

In June we provide dinner for Waterbury High School reunion.

In September our popular “Let’s Make a Deal” flea market happens.

Right before deer season in November we have a food sale in front of Kinneys Drug store.

November also brings our annual holiday wreath sale.

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