District 9

North Duxbury railroad station also known as Ridley Station

View of North Duxbury with the Samuel Ridley Hotel and boarding house.  To the left of that is the Ridley Brook going under the Central Vermont Railroad tracks.  (2017-3)

Bolton Falls-  looking upstream on the Winooski River at the site of the natural bridge at Bolton Falls — photo from about 1880

Another view of   North Duxbury, a stereo view from about 1880.  The Samuel Ridley Hotel is in the center with the Ridley Station of the Central Vermont Railroad just behind it.  The cleared land in the background is in Waterbury and Bolton. (2019-6)

 The North Duxbury Schoolhouse as it looks today.  It was built in 1872 to double in use as a schoolhouse during the week and a church on Sunday.  Prior to this residents held Sunday services in the Ridley Station Depot courtesy of the Central Vermont Railroad.  See newspaper article from 8/21/1872.  (2019-17;2019-18)

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